Personal Injury

Barraza Law PLLC works with other attorneys, including M.R. Hale Law, to ensure that you are justly compensated for injuries resulting from vehicle accidents and worksite injuries caused by third-party negligence. Our Spanish-speaking employees ensure that you receive excellent customer service that enables you to make informed decisions about your case.

Personal Injury

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  • Alcance de servicios. Barraza Law PLLC acuerda proporcionar una consulta, que no excederá los 45 minutos, con el Cliente, con el fin de ofrecer asesoramiento sobre cuestiones legales presentadas por el Cliente. Otro trabajo legal Barraza Law PLLC está de acuerdo en proporcionar solo los servicios de consulta mencionados anteriormente. El cliente entiende que el alcance de los servicios acordados aquí se limita a una consulta. El presente Contrato no crea una relación continua entre abogado y cliente. Barraza Law PLLC no ha aceptado representar al Cliente (ni a ningún pariente, asociado o empleado del Cliente) en relación con ningún asunto legal. El cliente entiende que Barraza Law PLLC no hará ningún trabajo adicional en su caso más allá de la consulta. Si desea que Barraza Law PLLC trabaje en su caso más allá de la consulta inicial, tanto el Cliente como Barraza Law PLLC deben firmar otro acuerdo para dichos servicios. El cliente entiende que se cobrarán tarifas por cualquier servicio adicional futuro. Barraza Law PLLC no está de acuerdo en hacer ningún trabajo en su caso en este momento.
  • Scope of services. Barraza Law PLLC agrees to provide a consultation, not to exceed 45 minutes, with Client, for the purpose of offering advice on legal questions presented by Client. Other legal work. Barraza Law PLLC is agreeing to provide only the consultation services listed above. Client understands that the scope of services agreed to here is limited to a consultation. No ongoing attorney-client relationship is created by this Agreement. Barraza Law PLLC has not agreed to represent Client (nor any relative, associate, or employee of the Client) in connection with any legal matter. Client understands that Barraza Law PLLC will not do any further work on your case beyond the consultation. If you want Barraza Law PLLC to work on your case beyond the initial consultation, both Client and Barraza Law PLLC must sign another agreement for those services. Client understands that fees will be charged for any future additional services. Barraza Law PLLC is not agreeing to do any work on your case at this time.
  • Cualquier consejo ofrecido durante la consulta inicial se basará en la veracidad, exactitud e integridad de la información que ha proporcionado.
  • Any advice offered during the initial consultation will be based upon the truthfulness, accuracy and completeness of the information you have provided.
  • Solo valido por 30 dias
  • Any fees quoted for legal services are good for 30 days.
  • Las tarifas citadas son solo para servicios de abogados y no incluyen ninguna tarifa pagadera al Tribunal o al Gobierno, como inmigración.
  • Any fees quoted for attorney services only and do not include any fees payable to the Court or to the Government, such as immigration.

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